Dec 30, 2010

Tik Tok Tik Tok... Cepatlah pukul 12.00am

Ok, this is weird feelings... Tak tahu lah kenapa rasa lain macam je malam ni.. Dari tadi asyik tengok jam je..
Well, actually, Im waiting for the moment that I could call someone that I love to wish him Happy Brithday.. Is it? hehehe... I dont know.. Should  I send him the MMS yang saya buat or just straight away call him and sing the 'Birthday Song'..

Fuhh! Its about time... Macam nak pergi perang pulak.. Padahal nak wish birthday je pun.. Maybe because our situation yang buat saya jadi nervous kot... Hope can celebrate with him.. :)
Ok lah, nak ready2 jap nak cakap apa.. heheeh... Toink!! Toink!! Daaa~~~

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